Jaguars: 3 insane trade packages that bring in Austin Ekeler

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To Jaguars: Austin Ekeler - To Chargers: 2023 Second-Round Pick

The Jacksonville Jaguars could take a big risk in acquiring Austin Ekeler.

If the Jacksonville Jaguars could get Austin Ekeler for nothing other than a second-round pick, it might be worth considering. It isn't a lock that it would turn into a great trade but we talked about how it might be time for this team to take a risk like this.

A second-round pick is very important in the NFL. You can get a guy that comes in as a rookie and dominates.

However, you know for a fact that Ekeler would dominate on this team for at least one year and probably more if he stuck around.

Lawrence would love to have the luxury of a running back that can run really well in addition to being a legit receiving threat. That would help any team but the Jaguars have enough pieces around them to win a lot because of it.