Jacksonville Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence throws 4 TDs, other bold predictions vs. Titans

• The Jaguars are welcoming the Titans at EverBank Stadium

• Here are five predictions for the Week 11 divisional bout

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16) takes to the field before an NFL football game
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16) takes to the field before an NFL football game / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA
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2. Travis Etienne will get 150 yards, average 5.0+ yards per carry vs. Titans

The Jaguars' offensive line has gotten plenty of flak these past few weeks, and rightfully so. The main reason is that they haven't been able to give Trevor Lawrence enough time to throw but they also have had a hard time opening lanes in the running game. This has led to a decrease in Travis Etienne's production.

That Etienne still ranks in the top 10 of rushing yards is a statement of his ability to find openings out of nowhere and break tackles.

However, there's only so much Etienne can do, and the offensive line's inability to create running lanes is reflected in his 3.9 yard-per-carry average. Also, he's only had one 100 + yards this season, but that will change against Tennessee.

The offensive line will step up and will help Etienne break off enough big runs to rack up over 150 yards and average 5.0 yards per carry for the second time this season.

1. Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence will have a season-best 4 TDs, no picks vs. the Titans

Just like the offensive line, Trevor Lawrence has been under lots of scrutiny, though no fault of his own. Sure, the third-year quarterback must do a better job of not turning the ball over. Nobody will argue that. On the other hand, he's had to rush his decision-making because he's pressured in nearly every throw he makes.

In Week 11, Lawrence will get better protection up front and he'll make the most of it by throwing four touchdowns and no interceptions. He hasn't had more than two in a game this season and had a combined two the past three games. He'll get back on track against the Titans and show everyone he's still the same player he was when he was a dark horse candidate for MVP honors earlier this year.

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