Mike Greenberg’s Dark Horse for MVP in 2023 is Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence

Greeny think Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars will be unstoppable this season
Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys
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Since being drafted as the first overall pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2021, Trevor Lawrence has shown immense potential and determination to succeed. Despite a challenging rookie season, Lawrence's resilience and hard work, combined with the guidance of head coach Doug Pederson, have positioned him as a strong contender for the MVP award in 2023.

With the recent praise and predictions of an MVP-caliber season for Lawrence by ESPN analyst Mike Greenberg, the spotlight is firmly on the young quarterback. 

Greeny started by saying, "If you are looking for a not-so-obvious pick for MVP of the NFL this year, I suggest you look South and East," via Jack Deignan of Clutch Points. "Trevor Lawrence, quarterback, Jacksonville Jaguars…they [Jaguars] added Calvin Ridley…they used their first-round pick on a tackle…Doug Pederson is a quarterback whisperer… he's [Pederson] got by far his most promising pupil…Trevor Lawrence for MVP might well be the best value pick on the board."

"Frankly, he probably was the MVP of the second half of last season," Greenberg said Wednesday morning on ESPN's Get Up. "... The Jaguars in their first ever Super Bowl, that is not at all far-fetched. And Trevor Lawrence for MVP might well be the best value pick on the board." Frankly, his numbers make a lot of sense and Grenney hits on several great points in Lawrence’s MVP prediction.

Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence's road to MVP honors in 2023 won't be easy though

Before getting too excited and jumping on Trevor Lawrence's +1500 MVP odds or The Jaguars' +2500 Super Bowls chances, it is worth noting Greeny is usually wrong. For example, he had Justin Herbert winning the award in the preseason of 2021

Similarly, Greenberg once stated that Patrick Mahomes would win it for the next 15 years. Greenberg went as far as to suggest the award be renamed "The Patrick Mahomes Award". Heck, he has also been on record saying Tua Tagovailoa and even Justin Fields will win the MVP this year.

As the 2023 NFL season unfolds, all eyes will be on Trevor Lawrence and his journey to potentially becoming a dark horse for the MVP award. With Doug Pederson's guidance, the resurgence of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and his exceptional skill set, the stage is set for Lawrence to showcase his abilities and lead his team to success. While the competition for the MVP title will be fierce, Lawrence's determination and potential make him a strong contender to bring the coveted award home to Jacksonville.

All in all, Lawrence's talent and potential make him a strong candidate for the MVP award. His unique combination of arm strength, accuracy, and mobility sets him apart from his peers. His ability to make pinpoint throws and extend plays with his legs gives the Jaguars an edge in every game.

In addition to his physical attributes, Lawrence has shown remarkable maturity and adaptability. Despite the Urban Meyer disaster during his rookie season, he remained composed and worked tirelessly to improve his game. This resilience and dedication have propelled him forward, and with each passing season, Lawrence's skills continue to evolve and an MVP will surely be in his future, but this year? Probably.

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