Jacksonville Jaguars too-early 5 round NFL Mock Draft: Tyler Guyton slides to Round 3

• The Jaguars trade out of the first-round and get the missing pieces to contend in our mock draft

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Round 3, pick 68: Tyler Guyton, OL

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Offensive lineman Tyler Guyton has a unique size, and bulk helps him in the run game. He demonstrates short-area quickness, allowing him to make it to the second level and make defenders take inefficient angles. He is also able to pull and crack opponents. His grip strength and footwork are impressive, enabling him to maintain and generate push. His upper body strength allows him to generate torque.

Gutyon is dedicated to sticking with his guy until the whistle blows. During passing downs, he was often trusted to play on an island, showcasing good knee bend and width in his base and actively firing his hands to protect against power.

Jaguars adding potential offensive line help is imperative at No. 68. Guyton can be moved effectively inside and will thrive as a guard in the NFL.

Round 3, pick 90: Chris Braswell, EDGE

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Chris Braswell was highly sought after coming out of high school, having been rated the seventh best in the nation by ESPN and 24th by Rivals. He was given a five-star rating by various outlets and a four-star rating according to 247Sports. He has had considerable experience on the defensive line but has also been seen off the ball and mostly in coverage.

Braswell's performance improved significantly in 2023, showing excellent awareness and anticipation in his zone drops and the fluidity and speed to keep up with tight ends.

Braswell was No. 10 on Bruce Feldman's Freak's List due to his impressive 705-pound squat and 405-pound power clean. His coordinated footwork, balance, and natural instincts allowed him to make more plays in passing coverage than expected. Additionally, he has closing speed and long arms to take down quarterbacks and running backs. He also has the agility to turn and run in coverage against tight ends and the length and flexibility to get around the edge as a blitzer.

A great third-round EDGE rusher, he will be exactly what the Jaguars need to create fewer double teams on Travon Walker.