Jacksonville Jaguars too-early 5 round NFL Mock Draft: Tyler Guyton slides to Round 3

• The Jaguars trade out of the first-round and get the missing pieces to contend in our mock draft
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Round 4, pick 110: Audric Estime

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Audric Estime, the running back for Notre Dame, is one of the best in the 2024 NFL Draft due to his prowess as a power runner. He is known for his willingness to take contact, and his physical play has been an asset to the Fighting Irish. NFL teams may use Estime as a scheme-and-skill-specific player as the league approaches a more conservative approach to explosive passes and play in a lighter box count.

Estime has quick and agile athleticism and can easily make sharp turns and switch direction. He has good instincts and vision and is decisive, getting going north-south quickly. He shows good bursts and speed and can turn in big plays.

Estime will likely need a year to get out of bouncing outside looking for a big gain on every play. However, his skill set is suitable for him to become a workhorse and the centerpiece of a run-based offense. He has the lateral quickness to sidestep defenders and the straight-line speed to outrun angles. His flexibility allows him to turn the corner and stay near top speed. If that wasn't enough, Estime has the power to keep moving even after initial contact, and he keeps his low pad level for balance.

Taking a large piece of the workload off Travis Etienne and creating the two-headed rushing attack the Jaguars thought they were getting with Tank Bigsby in the preseason. Estime is one of those players who may make more with his NIL deals at Notre Dame than he would in the NFL as a fourth-round pick, so there is a chance he won't declare for the draft this year.

Round 5, pick 115: Layden Robinson, OG

Jmd115. OG. Layden Robinson . . Layden Robinson . 873. . player. . 115

There is a lot to like about Robinson, but he is a work-in-progress with impressive physical attributes, as he is relatively light on his feet for a 300-pounder, displaying good balance and leverage. His hand placement is a standout feature, giving him a solid grip to control opponents. He plays with aggression and continues to do so until the whistle blows.

Robinson has patience in pass protection, staying back in his set instead of leaning or lunging forward. His ability to stay in a wide base and use his core strength gives him the power to resist pressure when blocking. He also has the agility to pull and can lead blocks effectively, finding defenders and adjusting his blocks accordingly. In the run game, he shows a lot of aggression and can create a push at the initial point of attack.

Additionally, Robinson can move to the outside and make blocks in space. He will be an adequate backup and give the Jaguars some depth inside when injuries arise, but he is not a solution.

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