Jacksonville Jaguars too-early 5 round NFL Mock Draft: Tyler Guyton slides to Round 3

• The Jaguars trade out of the first-round and get the missing pieces to contend in our mock draft

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Round 2, pick 58: Kamari Lassiter, CB

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Kamari Lassiter is a highly regarded cornerback prospect, exhibiting a mix of physicality and instinctive play. His agility in coverage is remarkable, and though he needs to improve in certain areas, more reps should help him hone his skills.

In the present trend of defensive schemes with two-high safety shells, any concerns about his vertical speed become less of an issue. Even though Lassiter shows first-round caliber performance on film, his non-elite size, and physical abilities make him look like a Day 2 pick. On the other hand, his familiarity with the scheme makes him suitable for various NFL systems.

As noted before, Lassiter lacks top-notch athleticism, which may stop him from reaching the level of the top cornerbacks. That said, he is a flexible athlete capable of contesting wide receivers in the NFL; his capacity to transition quickly is unique. He is very successful on the edge, displaying enthusiasm in short and screenplays. He is a dependable tackler recognized for delivering hard hits when going downhill and participating in run support.

Lassiter also brings experience on special teams, allowing him to get an early start or even get playing time in special packages. He has a keen instinct for zone coverage and can pass off routes in paired scenarios. His hand technique is strong, particularly at catch points where he cannot turn his head; he still completes plays even with a slight build. He is also forceful at the line, controlling route stems with intense strength.

Lassiters will be the Tank Dell neutralizer, stopping those freak large yardage plays and keeping the Jaguars in games. It was a great pick at No.57, as there will not be many second-tier cornerbacks left.