Jacksonville Jaguars and Randy Gregory are a match made for Duval

Could the Jaguars hunt down quarterback hunter Randy Gregory?
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The Potential Impact on the Jaguars' Defense

With Gregory on their roster, the Jaguars could potentially field one of the most formidable pass rushes in the league. Gregory's ability to pressure the quarterback, combined with the talents of Josh Allen and Travon Walker, could cause severe problems for opposing offenses. This could lead to more turnovers and better field position for the Jaguars' offense, potentially leading to more points on the board.

Looking Ahead: The Possibility of a Trade

As the trade deadline approaches, the Jaguars' management will need to make a decision. If they believe that Gregory can significantly impact their pass rush, they may decide to make a move. It's worth noting that the Jaguars' general manager Trent Baalke has shown a willingness to make big trades.

Last year, Baalke acquired wide receiver Calvin Ridley before the deadline, which paid off well for the team. Could Randy Gregory be the next big acquisition for the Jaguars? Only time will tell, but they need to move quickly.

Final Thoughts

While the decision to pursue Gregory will ultimately rest with the Jaguars' management, there's no denying that his addition could potentially transform the team's pass rush. With his proven ability to pressure the quarterback and disrupt plays, Gregory could be the missing piece the Jaguars need to take their defense to the next level. 

Many teams will be interested in the 81 Madden-rated pass-rusher if nothing is serious, like another substance abuse issue behind the shocking release. There are unlikely any issues when a violation could void his contract, but the Broncos paid themselves out of it. With Walmart money, they can afford to do that.

In the competitive world of the NFL, teams must always be on the lookout for opportunities to improve. The release of Randy Gregory by the Broncos presents just such an opportunity. Now, it's up to the Jaguars to decide whether or not to seize it.

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