Jacksonville Jaguars and Randy Gregory are a match made for Duval

Could the Jaguars hunt down quarterback hunter Randy Gregory?
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The Jacksonville Jaguars: A Potential New Home for Randy Gregory

Among the teams that could potentially benefit from bringing Gregory on board is the Jacksonville Jaguars. The team's pass rush could certainly use a boost, and Gregory's skill set could provide just that. The Jaguars' pass rush has not been as effective as hoped, with outside linebackers Josh Allen and Travon Walker, despite making strides, struggling to pressure opposing quarterbacks consistently.

Adding Gregory to the mix could provide the Jaguars with the third pass rusher they need to keep opposing teams on their toes. Although the Jaguars are expected to welcome DaVon Hamilton and Dawuane Smoot back soon, they may still need a few weeks to reach their full potential. In the meantime, Gregory could provide the Jaguars with an immediate and much-needed boost.

Evaluating Gregory's Fit with the Jaguars

Bringing Gregory on board could be a smart move for the Jaguars. Not only does he have the experience and skill to make an immediate impact, but he also has the potential to develop into a key player for the team in the long run. His experience and proven ability to get to the quarterback could be invaluable for a Jaguars team looking to improve its pass rush.

The Financial Implications

While the prospect of adding Gregory to the roster is undoubtedly exciting, the Jaguars must consider the financial implications. Gregory's fully guaranteed contract with the Broncos was worth $14 million, a hefty price tag that any team must consider carefully. With Denver taking the cap hit this year on his guaranteed money, the Jags could put him on a one-year deal; in that case, the Jaguars could get a bargain.