Ranking top 4 free agent destinations for Josh Allen

If things go south, he could land in one of these cities.

Jacksonville Jaguars, Josh Allen
Jacksonville Jaguars, Josh Allen / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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2. New England Patriots

Speaking of new head coaches with defensive backgrounds, the New England Patriots replaced Bill Belichick this offseason with Jerod Mayo, a former NFL linebacker and longtime New England assistant. You better believe Mayo would love to bring Allen in to pair with Matt Judon, who is working his way back from injury at the moment.

Judon's contract goes through the 2024 season, too, so signing Allen could give this team a long-term solution at the position. New England also has the chance to re-sign Josh Uche, but I don't see that happening with how inconsistent he's been to begin his career.

The Patriots have always been a defense-first type of team, and will continue to be that type under Mayo. At the moment, New England has the third-most cap space in football according to Over the Cap, so signing Allen wouldn't be a problem.

But, they also need a quarterback and offensive playmakers. A quarterback at no. 3 in the draft seems to be an easy decision for this team, but they'll still need to surround that quarterback with talent. So, they will have to be careful with how they spend their money at other positions.