Ranking top 4 free agent destinations for Josh Allen

If things go south, he could land in one of these cities.

Jacksonville Jaguars, Josh Allen
Jacksonville Jaguars, Josh Allen / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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1. Chicago Bears

Even though the Chicago Bears traded for Montez Sweat last year, they still ended the season with the second-fewest sacks of any team in football, totaling 30. Sweat definitely made an impact and was a big reason why the defense, as a whole, turned things around. But, outside of Sweat, this team doesn't have another player worthy of taking on a starting role.

If the Bears were able to pair Sweat and Allen together, though, that would instantly create one of the better pass rushes in the league.

Put it this way: if you took Sweat and Allen's total sacks from last year and combined them together, you'd get an even 30. Take that however you'd like, but these two would be menacing together. And, you add in the core of linebackers Chicago has, plus the possibility of re-signing one of the league's best cornerbacks in Jaylon Johnson? That's a recipe for defensive success.

The Bears will also have a fairly healthy cap situation this offseason and don't have any major names they need to worry about extending on big deals, so Allen would be affordable. Do the Bears want to have two hefty contracts at the same position, though? That's the big question.