Jaguars Draft: Should RB Bijan Robinson be an option if available at pick 24?

Bijan Robinson, 2022 - Baylor v Texas
Bijan Robinson, 2022 - Baylor v Texas / Tim Warner/GettyImages

The overall impact of the running back position in the NFL has devaluated in recent years, which is why Bijan Robinson could experience a slide in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. If he's available at No. 24, should the Jacksonville Jaguars consider choosing him?

Robinson is the top running back prospect in this draft but there's a realistic chance he can slip in Round 1 if clubs with a top-10 selection pass on him in order to address other position needs such as quarterback, cornerback, or even offensive tackle.

The Philadelphia Eagles need a running back after letting Myles Sanders walk in free agency but if they don't choose Robinson at No. 24, there aren't many logical landing spots for the former Texas Longhorn.

Make no mistake, Robinson is a highly talented prospect, toting the rock 539 yards for 3,410 rushing yards with 33 touchdowns at Texas. Keith Sanchez of The Draft Network goes as far as saying that he's "one of the best running back prospects to enter the draft" in the last 10 years and adds that he's so rare, that he could potentially single-handedly win games for whatever club that drafts him.

The supply of running backs in the pros nowadays exceeds the demand, and given today's NFL rules, it's no longer feasible to build your offense around one. To make matters worse, the position carries a relatively short lifespan. Having said that, there's a point where the value might be too much to pass up and if Robinson is available when the Jags are on the clock, should he be the pick?

Bijan Robinson could give the Jacksonville Jaguars a tough decision at No. 24

In the end, there's no guarantee that Robinson will indeed slide and if a pick in the top 20 takes him, the Jacksonville Jaguars can fully focus on bolstering their defense or adding depth to one of their position groups on offense. But if he's still on the board, should the team's brass pull the trigger?

As talented as Travis Etienne is, not many saw Jacksonville selecting him at No. 25 in 2021 because they already had James Robinson and he was coming off a highly efficient rookie campaign. However, Etienne ended up being the pick, and he made Robinson expendable as soon as he could show what he could do on the football field.

Although cornerback, pass rush and tight end are bigger needs for Jacksonville, they can't simply rule out taking Bijan Robinson. Even though they need to make upgrades and add depth to some position groups, most of the core that helped them achieve the playoffs and win the AFC South last year is still around.

At No. 24, Robinson would probably be a luxury for the Jaguars but one they could afford and if they're serious about returning to the postseason and making a deep run, they should then entertain the thought -- as slim as it may be -- of taking a player of Robinson's caliber in the first round.

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