Jacksonville Jaguars: 3 things Trevor Lawrence can do to win MVP

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3. Win the AFC South with ease

The Jacksonville Jaguars will win their division in 2023 with ease.

Trevor Lawrence came in 7th place for the 2022 MVP which isn’t half bad. He was also the 5th ranked quarterback on that list. With some improved stats, he could get even higher. 

Coming in seventh is nice as it is clear that he’s a really good quarterback. However, In order to win MVP, he needs to compete with guys like Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, and Jalen Hurts. 

Football is literally the ultimate team game so winning and losing shouldn’t matter with the MVP voting. However, it just does with the quarterback. He has the most influence on the outcome of a particular game. 

That is why Lawrence needs to lead the Jaguars to a dominant AFC South victory if he wants to be the MVP. The league will see his ability to win and respect it if he were able to do it. 

Winning the award that’s handed out to one player each year is very hard. As of right now, it is fair to assume that Trevor Lawrence will have a chance to be one of those guys because of what he's done up to this point.

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