Jacksonville Jaguars 2023 midseason team awards

• The Jaguars are 6-2 heading into the 2nd half of the 2023 season

• Here's a recognition for some of the players who've made it possible

Oct 8, 2023; London United Kingdom, Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Darious Williams (31).
Oct 8, 2023; London United Kingdom, Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Darious Williams (31). / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Jacskonville Jaguasr Comeback Player of the Year Award: Brandon Scheff, RG

The Jaguars signed veteran Brandon Scherff last year because they wanted to shore up the right guard position. A first-round pick by the Washington Commanders in 2015, Scherff was a five-time Pro Bowl selection, so Jacksonville didn't mind giving him a three-year deal worth $49 million. However, Scherff's first season with the Black and Teal didn't go as planned.

The former Iowa Hawkeye didn't miss a single game last season (a feat he hadn't accomplished since 2016) but played through an abdomen injury that hindered his performance. This year, Scherff has bounced back and ranks among the best guards in the NFL when it comes to pass protection, posting an 80.7 grade in that department. Not even an ankle injury he sustained in Week 6 has held him back.

Jacksonville Jaguars MVP of the 2023 NFL season: Josh Allen, OLB

This award could go to Trevor Lawrence, who's played at a high level, even if the stat sheet doesn't show it. He could get hot like he did last year but outside linebacker Josh Allen has been outright dominant right off the bat.

Although Allen flashed elite play at times in past years, he lacked consistency. This year though, he's taken his game to another level and has joined the upper echelon of pass rushers in the NFL. His nine sacks are tied for fifth in the league and are 1.5 short of the career-best he posted in 2019.

It took Allen a bit to hit his stride but he's finally become the game-changer the Jaguars expected when they drafted him seventh overall in 2019. It's time he gets a contract that reflects his status as not only the best defender on the team but as a core player as well.

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