AFC South QB Power Rankings: Who moved up the most after the 2023 NFL Draft?

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No. 2 AFC South Post-Draft QB Power Ranking: Indianapolis Colts

. . Gardner Minshew. player. . The man, the myth, the Jaguar legend. 2. 46

Gardner Minshew lands at No.2 on the list of the top AFC South quarterbacks going into OTAs. Gardner has a special place in all Jaguar fans' hearts. He is a lightning bolt of enthusiasm and plays with the same bravado. Minshew is as unlikely a pro quarterback as one will find in the NFL, but somehow he is the second-best quarterback in the AFC South

One thing Minshew does well is complete passes. He carries a 62 percent career completion rate coming into Indianapolis. Add in his 3-to-1 TD-to-INT ratio, and the Colts felt comfortable enough to let Nick Foles go. That's the second time Minshew took Nick Foles's job.

Minshew is a personality the blue-collar fans in Indianapolis will adore while they wait for Anthony Richardson to be ready to take over the starting job. There will be a lot of rookie growing pains with Richardson, and he has a lot of development to do in the passing game. There is a lot he can learn from Minshew about completing passes while extending plays. Minshew can teach Richardson how to do stuff like this, that is why he is number two on this list. 

Minshew is the perfect bridge quarterback and can pick up a win or two when needed. He won 6 games for the Jaguars in 2019 and went 4-3 in seven games filling in for Jalen Hurts in Philadelphia. Add in Minshew's career 93 QB rating, and he is better than Tannehill or Davis Mills. He is the right guy for the Colts right now. 

It is only a matter of time before the Colts are Anthony Richardson's team, but Colts fans should enjoy the moment with Minshew. He will be fun, exciting, and not that bad. Watch this Minshew hype video, it says all you need to know about Gardner Minshew.