4 Jacksonville Jaguars players who cannot afford to get complacent in 2023

The Jacksonville Jaguars need several players that came through last year to keep playing at a high level in 2023, including the next four.
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No. 3 Jaguars player that can't get complacent: Luke Fortner, C

The Jaguars' offensive line will be in transition next season, something that has led a handful of analysts to dub the group a potential weakness. And while it's true that the offensive line will have several moving pieces, there are several reasons to think that pushing the panic button feels excessive.

After all, offensive line coach Phil Rauscher is entering his second season with the team and most of the team's hog mollies — with the exception of rookie right tackle Anton Harrison — are acquainted with his schemes. In fact, this familiarity should help sophomore center Luke Fortner get better in 2023. A third-round pick in last year's draft, Forter was a Day 1 starter and went all to play all 19 games (including the two playoff bouts) last season.

Sure, Fortner had his fair share of growing pains but you will be hard-pressed to find a player that doesn't experience an adjustment period when transitioning from college to the pros. This isn't to say Fortner should get a pass for his struggles as a rookie but rather that he met expectations as a rookie and now needs to make a leap in Year 2.

One area in which the former Kentucky Wildcat can get better is his run blocking. Last year, he posted a measly Pro Football Focus grade of 46.4 in that area. Similarly, he needs to do a better job in pass protection after giving up 32 total pressures. The good news is that the coaching staff is high on Fortner and entering his second season under Rauscher should help him make strides.