3 players Jacksonville Jaguars fans won't miss in 2024 if they don't return

• The Jaguars can't afford to lose a few key free agents

• There are others that will be easier to let walk

• 3 of them won't be missed if they don't return in 2024

Oct 8, 2023; London United Kingdom, Jacksonville Jaguars center Tyler Shatley (69) leaves the field
Oct 8, 2023; London United Kingdom, Jacksonville Jaguars center Tyler Shatley (69) leaves the field / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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1. K'Lavon Chaisson, edge rusher

Outside linebacker K'Lavon Chaisson has seemingly been on his way out since 2020 but he might've gotten to the end of the row at last. In a way, the Jaguars' brass deserves credit for not giving up on him despite that he was a non-factor throughout his four-year stint in Jacksonville.

Chaisson, a first-round pick in 2020, generally garnered rave reviews at the time of his selection. But that's why you cannot truly assess a draft class until two or three years have passed. Some players need time to hit their stride and others fail to live up to expectations. Guess which category the player known as Swiper falls into.

Coming out of college, Chaisson was seen as a raw, yet toolsy prospect. It was fair to assume that he would be able to develop behind Yannick Ngakoue, Calais Campbell, and then-sophomore Josh Allen. However, Ngakoue and Campbell were traded before the 2020 season, and Chaisson was pressed into action. The fact that he switched to playing with his hand on the ground after rushing the passer from a standup position further hindered his growth.

Doug Marrone was gone after 2020 and Urban Meyer took over. If there was one player that benefited from a fresh start, it was Chaisson. But he failed to take a chance of the opportunity, registering a measly sack, and progressively seeing his playing time drop. Doug Pederson was hired as the head coach in 2022, and Chaisson once again had an uneventful year.

2023 was much of the same for Chaisson, and the only reason he got extended playing time was because the Jags had no one else. Now, he's set to become a free agent, which may be the best for him. Things didn't work out in Jacksonville. If he wants to resurrect his career, it will probably have to be somewhere else.

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