3 players Jacksonville Jaguars fans won't miss in 2024 if they don't return

• The Jaguars can't afford to lose a few key free agents

• There are others that will be easier to let walk

• 3 of them won't be missed if they don't return in 2024

Oct 8, 2023; London United Kingdom, Jacksonville Jaguars center Tyler Shatley (69) leaves the field
Oct 8, 2023; London United Kingdom, Jacksonville Jaguars center Tyler Shatley (69) leaves the field / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Tre Herndon, corneback

The Jaguars have invested a handful of draft picks in the cornerback position the last couple of years. Having enough time to develop, they all could get more playing time. This may not be great news for Tre Herndon, who's slated to hit the open market.

An undrafted free agent in 2018, Herndon worked his way up the depth chart, and started 24 games in 2019-2020. He was slated to line up at nickel in 2021 but an MCL injury forced him to sit out a few games, and spent a good chunk of the season on the sideline. The Vanderbilt product signed a one-year deal to return in 2022. He replaced Shaquill Griffin when he suffered a season-ending injury but later moved to the slot, where he's a better fit.

Herndon began the 2023 season in the slot but was eventually phased out in favor of safety/nickel Antonio Johnson. Had rookie Christian Braswell remained healthy, he might've also gotten probably gotten snaps inside. Besides Braswell, 2022 draft picks Gregory Junior and Montaric Brown could compete in the offseason for the nickel job. Both of them have made strides the past two years and may have more upside than Herndon at this point of their respective careers.

At 27, Herndon still has plenty of football left in him. However, the Jaguars have been getting younger at the position, so there may not be room for him. That said, teams looking to add depth at cornerback might be intrigued by his ability to line up in the boundaries and inside.