3 last minute signings to make the Jaguars champions in 2023

New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
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2. Akiem Hicks

Akiem Hicks would give the Jaguars some depth on the defensive line.

Everybody knows that the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to score some points this season. They have some outstanding weapons surrounding their great quarterback, Trevor Lawrence.

The question mark is their defense. It doesn't have to be the '85 Bears but a solid group could help them take the next step once the playoffs start.

One player that might help them do that is Akiem Hicks. He has had some great moments in his NFL career as he is very good at getting to the quarterback.

Even if he didn't sack the quarterback, he would always make them uncomfortable when he was on the opposite side.

With the quarterbacks that the Jaguars will be seeing in 2023, adding a disruptor like Hicks on the defensive line could make a great impact. If he wants to play this year, Jacksonville makes perfect sense.