3 last minute signings to make the Jaguars champions in 2023

New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
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3. DeAndre Hopkins

The Jacksonville Jaguars should try to add DeAndre Hopkins now.

At first, it seemed like a bad idea to add DeAndre Hopkins for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now, however, it seems like it might actually be a good idea to go after him.

Hopkins is still a very good wide receiver that can make plays. Unlike Golladay, he would be coming in looking to continue a long run of recent success.

He'd immediately get the respect as the number one receiver. That would take pressure off of both Ridley and Kirk as they'd slot into different roles on the offense.

With all of that firepower, Lawrence would be ready to explode even more. They might not really "need" Hopkins but it would be a nice luxury to have.

It would also keep other teams in the division from having a chance at him. The Tennessee Titans seemed to be a finalist for him but that hasn't happened. It sure is fun to think about what it would be like for a receiver like that to come to town.

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