3 last minute signings to make the Jaguars champions in 2023

New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
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The Jacksonville Jaguars have a chance to be one of the best teams in the National Football League. After the way 2022 went for them, they should be all in on winning the whole thing.

They have already made some moves that are going to make them a better team in 2023. There has been the draft, free agency, and natural progression of certain core players.

In order to take the big step this year, the development of core players is the most important thing but they can do some other things to help as well.

Making a last-minute free-agent signing is something they could do to make themselves champions in 2023.

Obviously, nothing is a guarantee but extra help is always good. They could consider making one of these three last-second signings:

1. Kenny Golladay

The Jacksonville Jaguars could use a wide-receiver for some depth.

The former Northern Illinois University receiver was incredible during his time playing in the MAC. He then was drafted by the Detroit Lions where he was great with Matthew Stafford as his quarterback.

Once he got a big contract with the New York Giants, however, he really fell off a cliff. Now, he is a free agent looking for a home in 2023.

If he came to the Jaguars, he'd be a depth piece that has the potential to explode. Both Calvin Ridley and Christian Kirk would be ahead of him on the depth chart but that would be a good thing for Golladay.

Trevor Lawrence would have a good time trying to find him out there amongst the other great talents. It is something to consider for sure.