3 Jaguars in danger of losing their job before the 2023 season

Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason Workout
Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason Workout / James Gilbert/GettyImages
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The Jacksonville Jaguars are hoping that they are able to carry the momentum that they built last year into the 2023 season.

They are a division winner that plays in one of the weaker divisions in the AFC so it should be a lot of fun to watch them play again.

Expectations are placed on them this year which means that they are a good team. There is nothing wrong with expectations.

That also means that there is going to be internal competition all year long. Only the best are going to be dressed on a team like this. These three players could be in danger of losing their jobs before the 2023 season starts:

1. D'Ernest Johnson

The Jacksonville Jaguars are pretty set at the running back position.

The Jacksonville Jaguars had a great year out of the backfield in 2022 from Travis Etienne. He was one of the better rookie running backs in the league as he put up marvelous numbers.

Coming into year two, they are expecting big things from him. They are also going to have Tank Bigsby who they just drafted in the 2023 NFL Draft paired up with him which should really help.

That leaves JaMycal Hasty and D'Ernest Johnson as the third and fourth backs on the roster. Most teams will carry a third guy which means that Johnson is in danger of losing his job before the 2023 season starts.

There are other teams that might consider him for a chance at the third-string job if he does get cut but the drafting of Bigsby put his job in danger ahead of the new year.