3 Jaguars in danger of losing their job before the 2023 season

Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason Workout
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2. James McCourt

The Jacksonville Jaguars might not carry two kickers on the roster.

The Jacksonville Jaguars made a splash when they added Brandon McManus to be their new kicker. They are serious about making sure that they have everything they need to be a winner this year.

Kickers can be overlooked by bad teams but teams that overlook them find out quickly why it is a bad idea once big games start to come around. Ask a Chicago Bears or Minnesota Vikings fan about that.

James McCourt was brought in by Jacksonville out of the University of Illinois. He will be there for training camp but it is unlikely he will overtake McManus for the starting job as the kicker.

If he is on the roster to start the 2023 season, that will be very surprising based on how teams are usually constructed.

If McManus finds himself hurt at some point, they could give McCourt a call if he isn't scooped up by anybody but finding a replacement-level kicker wouldn't be impossible.