3 dream trades the Jacksonville Jaguars should make before the NFL trade deadline

• The Jaguars are 5-2 heading into Week 8

• They have lots of talent at several positions

• But they could still add more playmakers

• These 3 should be worth a look (and a call)

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No. 2 trade the Jacksonville Jaguars should attempt to make: Derrick Henry, RB

The Jaguars have a stud in Travis Etienne. Although he's only had one 100-yard game this season, he's been an important part of their offensive identity. Moreover, he's scored two touchdowns in each of the last three games and already has seven for the season, two more than he had in his sophomore campaign.

If Etienne keeps playing the way he has, he should have a favorable chance of earning a Pro Bowl berth. That said, the former Clemson Tiger isn't the only capable back on the Jacksonville roster. Tank Bigsby, a third-round pick in this year's draft, has made strides and D'Ernest Johnson has been a dependable when called upon.

Given the depth and talent the Jags have at the position, it's fair to say running back is a strength but... what if they somehow poached Derrick Henry? Divisional trades are rare but not unheard of. The King is closer to the end than the start of what's been a fruitful career, so there's a strong chance he wants a shot at competing before he finally rides into the sunset. That won't happen with the Tennessee Titans in 2023.

Granted, the Titans wouldn't likely be inclined to trade Henry to the Jags, but for the sake of argument, imagine how dominant their backfield would be with both Etienne and Henry in the fold. It's true that the Jags have a goal-line back in Bigsby and a solid backup in Johnson but Henry is better than both of them. He could potentially turn Jacksonville into a smash-mouth kind of team.

There's a reason these are dream trades. It won't likely happen but the idea of Derrick Henry and Travis Etienne sharing the backfield would be pretty cool.