Jaguars HC Urban Meyer’s recent video won’t do him any favors

Urban Meyer, head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)
Urban Meyer, head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images) /

The last thing the Jacksonville Jaguars need at this moment is a distraction after losing four consecutive games to start the 2021 season. However, a recent video that recently popped up on social media portrays head coach Urban Meyer in a less-than-flattering situation.

After the Jags’ loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday Night Football, Meyer stayed in Ohio. Based on different pictures on social media, it seems like he went out on Friday night. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? Meet up with friends, catch up with them and even have a couple of drinks.

However, Meyer might have had more than just a drink. On Saturday, a video of him with a woman that wasn’t his wife Shelley surfaced on social media. In fact, Shelley tweeted Friday that she was babysitting while her husband was out in response to a picture of him that made the rounds on social media. Now, there’s nothing wrong with talking or dancing with people of the opposite gender. The problem is that the former Florida head coach wasn’t square dancing or doing the chicken dance. The woman in question was rubbing her rear against his lap.

There could be an explanation for the video. There’s a chance that context is missing… or maybe it’s precisely what it looks like. The video in question is no longer available. Here’s the original link but it’s broken. Here’s another one, it may or may not have been taken down by the time you’re reading this. Also, there are pictures that confirm that’s Meyer in the video.

This video could become a distraction for Urban Meyer and the Jaguars.

Meyer has been getting plenty of criticism lately for several reasons. Some may be worth looking into but others not so much. Is he a bad leader because he reminds his players? Not likely. However, he can’t let this type of distraction hover around Jacksonville. As it is, he’s getting plenty of heat because the Jaguars are off to a slow start. Even if the head coach’s personal life doesn’t have a direct impact on his job, speculation could arise about his commitment to the team.

Some could even see this video as a sign that Meyer isn’t fully committed to the Jaguars. The team doesn’t need distractions and this may very well turn out to be one. Regardless of how it could impact his personal life, this isn’t the reason Jacksonville is 0-4. This is a young team in a development year and with or without the video, they face a steep hill to claim.

This video may end up being nothing but it could also fuel the scrutiny Meyer has faced in recent months. The truth is that it’s uncertain if it’s going to have some sort of negative impact on him or the team. For the time being, it might not matter. The Jaguars’ focus should be on their divisional matchup against the Tennesse Titans in Week 5, not videos and whatnot.

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