Jacksonville Jaguars: Urban Meyer’s body language under scrutiny too

After the Jacksonville Jaguars loss to the Houston Texans in Week 1, nobody would have blamed you if you thought quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s solid performance or the team’s lackluster defense would dominate the headlines. Instead, it was head coach Urban Meyer who got the spotlight… and for the wrong reasons.

Not long after losing his coaching debut in the NFL, Meyer was seen as a candidate to fill the head coaching vacancy at USC. Keep in mind that there were no actual reports connecting the two. Rather, it was all speculation, so why was the Jaguars head coach and not someone else linked to the opening? He’s already left to college programs in the past while the Trojans need a new head coach after Clay Helton failed to win games.

Despite the fact that Meyer shot down any talks about potentially leaving Jacksonville, the talk won’t stop anytime soon. Back in 2007, Bobby Petrino left the Atlanta Falcons after 13 games. It took Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier two seasons, so why are some convinced Meyer will also bolt the Jags? His body language!

Over the last few weeks, Meyer has been under scrutiny for his body language. Whether it’s on the sidelines or sitdowns with the local media, some assume he’s either not be truthful or may be ready to ditch the Jaguars. Outlets such as Deadspin and Pro Football Talk have suggested his body language is far from convincing and he could be concealing something.

What does the Jacksonville Jaguars head coach have to say about the matter?

During a press conference ahead of Sunday’s game, Meyer was asked what he thought of the body language ‘experts’. He shrugged and said, “he’d rather just talk about the game“. The case could be made that they’re entitled to their opinion or anything of that sort. However, you might have reacted the same way if everyone was nitpicking on you and questioning every single day.

Also, this is getting ridiculous. Critics will soon say he’s ready to accept the job at USC if they spot him wearing a cardinal and gold blazer at the shopping center. People will ask him if he likes the 2004 movie Troy, and if he says yes, they will take it as an admission that he will be the Trojans’ next head coach.

Over the last few months, he’s been questioned for things ranging from reminding his players to stay hydrated to offering Tim Tebow a spot on the 90-man roster in training camp. Some of the criticism is valid. Hiring Chris Doyle as the team’s director of sports performance was and is still a headscratcher. Not long ago, a report about him becoming unhinged and not knowing how to handle losing popped up. If it’s true, and it might very well be, he needs to make adjustments to his approach.

Speculation about Meyer leaving Jacksonville will stop as soon as he starts winning. Whether it’s this year or next, once the head coach turns the Jacksonville Jaguars into a consistent winner.