Jacksonville Jaguars: 5 bold predictions vs Arizona Cardinals

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16) Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16) Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /
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Denver Broncos quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (5) and Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Josh Allen (41) (Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports) /

Winning is the ultimate goal in the NFL, and pretty much every sport for that matter. But the Jacksonville Jaguars will be in rebuilding mode this year, and victories will be hard to come by. That doesn’t mean they aren’t improving. The team is undergoing a makeover and it will be a lengthy process.

Jaguars fans rightfully don’t want to hear about moral victories and bright sports. They want to see the team win and do it frequently, something that hasn’t happened often over the last ten years. However, the Jags won’t become a contender overnight. Think about it, Trevor Lawrence has the potential to be a top quarterback in the NFL but he needs to go through a development period before he gets to that level. The same is true for the team as a whole. They will need to go through a few bumps and bruises before they become any good.

Head coach Urban Meyer had a vision. He’s currently finding out what works and what doesn’t. He will need to make adjustments as the season progresses but right now is too early to call his tenure a failure. There’s not much to do but to hang in there. For the time being, here are five bold predictions for the Jaguars’ Week 3 matchup against the Cardinals.

1. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ defense will force two turnovers.

The Jaguars’ front four is generating a lot of pressure under new defensive coordinator Joe Cullen. However, the defense hasn’t forced a turnover yet, and that must of change. Head coach Urban Meyer talked about having a ‘spark’ that gets the team going. For example, a key turnover could get the Jaguars going.

The Jaguars’ defense ranks 26th in points allowed. But they showed progress in Week 2, constantly pressuring quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and stopping Denver’s offense. This is the game in which the Jaguars get that spark, and it will happen not once but two, a forced fumble by outside linebacker Josh Allen and an interception by Shaquill Griffin.