Jaguars: Even Urban Meyer’s recent social media post is being questioned

Urban Meyer, head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Imagn Images photo pool)
Urban Meyer, head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Imagn Images photo pool) /

The Jacksonville Jaguars have gotten plenty of attention over the last few months but not for the reasons they would like. Instead of talking about quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s development or running back James Robinson, the national media seems to be fixated on head coach Urban Meyer, and everything he does. More recently, several outlets were quick to criticize a message he posted on social media.

In case you missed it, Meyer asked Jaguars fans to “hang in there“. Looking at all the losing that has taken place in Jacksonville over the last few years, it’s understandable. Fans are frustrated with the team’s 0-2 start, as they should be.

However, the Jaguars head coach thought it was important to remind everyone that they’re in the early stages of a rebuild. Earlier this year, Meyer said this was a one-year project but it might take a bit more based on Jacksonville’s 0-2 start.

The Jacksonville Jaguars head coach got the spotlight once again.

The case could be made Meyer tried to make a nice gesture to a fan base that has endured a lot of losing. But that’s not how some perceived his message. Some saw it as “sad” while Jason Smith of Fox Sports Radio believes it was a way to admit the Jaguars’ head coach isn’t cut for the NFL level. Here’s some of what the talking head had to say, about the post on social media, via Wil Leitner of Fox Sports Radio.

"I read that and thought ‘this is another coach who continually wants to show us that he’s not cut out for the pro game’. What does this even mean?? Dude, you got 15 games left, this is the NFL."

Smith went on to say that the NFL is too much for Meyer, and later mentioned he believes he’s going to bolt before the end of the years… all because of a message to the fans?

The Jacksonville Jaguars know this is a process.

Seriously, this is becoming boring. People are looking for reasons to pile on Meyer. Not long ago, some suggested he was ready to accept the head coach-vacancy at USC because his body language said so. Next thing you know, someone will say he’s asking for help if they see him blink too much on a press conference.

It could be argued that Meyer is a victim of his collegiate success. Heck, the Jaguars made him the head coach because of his ability to turn programs around. On the other hand, some of the criticism he gets comes from him ditching Ohio State and Florida. Meyer certainly deserves to feel the heat but not because of what he did before landing in Jacksonville.

At this moment, the Jags are 0-2 and look like a team in rebuilding mode. However, that was the plan to begin with. Meyer took over a team that needed to undergo too many changes and one season wasn’t going to be enough to make all of them. If the Jaguars don’t show progress as the season progresses, question the head coach’s approach. For the time being, let the man coach some football games, he may end up proving you right… or wrong.

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