Jacksonville Jaguars off to a good start in training camp: 3 takeaways

Head coach Urban Meyer (center) (Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports)
Head coach Urban Meyer (center) (Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The Jacksonville Jaguars’ tight end group is making progress too.

You might’ve read that Tim Tebow made a positive impression on Day 1 of Jaguars training camp. Nevertheless, he wasn’t the only tight end to have a productive practice. Veteran James O’Shaughnessy “twisted his body in the air” to catch a 30-plus yard pass from quarterback Gardner Minshew, per John Shipley. Furthermore, Luke Farrell displayed soft hands and hauled in an over-the-shoulder pass.

Keep in mind that it’s just one day of practice and you can’t crown the Jaguars’ tight end room just yet. After all, it is arguably Jacksonville’s weakest positional group ahead of the 2021 season and they will need to make more than a few catches to show they can make an impact. Chris Manhertz, who may be the starter in Week 1 has never caught more than six receptions in a season. O’Shaughnessy is a career backup and Farrell needs to show he can make the transition to the pros.

However, there are signs of encouragement. Urban Meyer Manhertz believes Manhertz can turn into a functional receiver. The Jaguars head coach also pointed out that O’Shaughnessy and sophomore Ben Ellefson have improved this offseason. Moreover, Tebow could end up making the 53-man roster and even contribute during the regular season if he keeps grinding the way he has since landing in Jacksonville last May.

The Jaguars’ tight end room won’t likely become a top 10 unit in the NFL but there’s a chance it won’t be a liability either this upcoming season.

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