Trevor Lawrence about to use special wedding gift

Jacksonville Jaguars No. 1 draft pick Trevor Lawrence (Imagn Images photo pool)
Jacksonville Jaguars No. 1 draft pick Trevor Lawrence (Imagn Images photo pool) /

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence said on social media that he was about to open a very special wedding present.

If you are married or are about to, you know how hectic organizing a wedding can be. Selecting a venue and the food, choosing bridesmaids and the best man are just some of the many things you have to take care of before the big day. Another important part of getting married is setting up a wedding registry.

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence got married earlier this year. He and his wife, Marissa Mowry, posted a wedding registry online and one of the items they wanted was a toaster, specifically a Revolution InstaGlo R180 Toaster, which costs $299.95. Jags fan Eric Dillard found out about the couple’s wish list and took to social media to ask for donations. Within a week of the request, he, along with Jaguars fans, had raised more than $11,000. In the end, he was able to collect way more than the target amount, so he decided that he would donate the rest to a charity of Lawrence’s choice.

In a display of appreciation, Lawrence and Mowry said on social media they would be donating $20,000 to charities in the city of Jacksonville. All in all, a grand total of $54,938 were raised. That wasn’t the end of the story though, and if you wonder what happened to the toaster, the Jaguars’ rookie quarterback recently shared an update. He posted on Twitter a picture of the wedding present, “today is the day – I’m finally about to open THE toaster.”

Trevor Lawrence is the perfect quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Lawrence doesn’t owe anything to Jacksonville, so he could have just said thank you after getting the toaster. Instead, he reciprocated the love and appreciation fans showed for him and Mowry.

What makes this even more impressive is that it happened before Lawrence was even a member of the Jaguars. Fans and analysts talked about the Clemson product as if he were already on the team even though he wasn’t. On the other hand, he looked like the Jags pick from the outset and even head coach Urban Meyer said before the draft that the organization was leaning towards taking Lawrence.

You might’ve been ecstatic when the Jags drafted Blaine Gabbert in 2011 and Blake Bortles in 2014. However, neither of them generated as much excitement as Lawrence, who seemed destined to land in Jacksonville ever since this Jacksonville team clinched the top pick in 2021’s selection meeting.

The Jaguars haven’t named Lawrence the starting quarterback but it’s just a matter before they do. He’s simply too talented to ride the pine. For the time being, the rookie quarterback is probably making sure he’s got a good grasp of the Jaguars’ offense ahead of training camp. Don’t be surprised if he’s currently studying the playbook while eating a piece of toast.

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