Naming Trevor Lawrence starting QB should be comically clear for Jaguars

Quarterback Trevor Lawrence of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Bob Self/Florida Times-Union)
Quarterback Trevor Lawrence of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Bob Self/Florida Times-Union) /

After drafting duds such as Blaine Gabbert and Blake Bortles, the Jacksonville Jaguars used the first overall pick in this year’s selection meeting on Trevor Lawrence, who should bring stability at the quarterback position. The former Tiger has had a solid offseason and is arguably the best signal-caller on the roster. However, Jags offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer recently said that the team hasn’t named a starting quarterback yet.

Matt Verderame of FanSided discussed some topics currently trending in the NFL and shared his two cents on the Jaguars’ indecision to announce that Lawrence is the starter. Verderame points out that teams must sometimes be secretive when it comes to planning. However, he believes that both the Chicago Bears and the Jags are ‘dumb’ for how they’re handling their respective quarterback ‘battles’.

Verderame sees Schottenheimer’s comments as ‘obnoxious’ and goes on to say that If Lawrence isn’t the starter, everyone in the Jags organization should be fired. Furthermore, he thinks the quarterback situation in Jacksonville is “comically clear”. On the other hand, Verdame believes the Bears should hold a training camp competition instead of naming Andy Dalton the starter over rookie Justin Fields. He notes that Matt Nagy’s “long-standing routine of giving the veteran an edge” is impractical, as the ‘Red Rifle’ is nothing but a placeholder.

Make no mistake, Trevor Lawrence will be the starter in Week 1.

Do you remember when everybody knew the Jaguars would draft Lawrence? This has the same kind of vibe. You will have a hard time finding someone who sincerely believes someone other than Lawrence will be the starting quarterback in Week 1. The difference is that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t want Jacksonville to divulge their pick. Meanwhile, nothing is stopping the Jags from choosing a starter.

There are a couple reasons why Schottenheimer didn’t say Lawrence is the Jaguars’ starting quarterback. First, this is something head coach Urban Meyer will do. Whether the team makes the announcement before training camp or the regular season, that’s not the kind of thing you delegate to an assistant coach. In fact, it’s just a matter of fact before Jacksonville acknowledges the Clemson product is the number one quarterback on the roster. Gardner Minshew can start a few games if needed but he’s not the long-term answer at the position. The same holds true for C.J. Beathard.

Also, the Jaguars may want Lawrence to earn the starting job. He seldom found hardship in college and the coaching staff could be trying to show him things won’t be as easy in the NFL. Regardless of the reason, the organization should go ahead and say the top pick in 2021’s draft is their man. The sooner they do it, the faster he can adjust to his role as the franchise quarterback. The Jags don’t benefit from putting off the decision.

There are several things the Jaguars have to worry about this offseason but having a starting quarterback isn’t one of them. After announcing Trevor Lawrence is the starter, they can turn their attention to other pressing matters, such as the tight end position.

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