Tim Tebow is most competitive human being Urban Meyer’s ever met

Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Tim Tebow recently made the news because Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters found a replica of his high school football jersey. Before that, he got the spotlight because he gave up on his baseball career and is trying to make a comeback in the NFL. Working against him is the fact that he is trying to switch positions at age 33. However, Jags head coach Urban Meyer has nothing but positive things to say about the former Gator.

Meyer recently had a sitdown with Makenzie Salmon of USA Today Sports and he said Tebow is the most competitive human being he’s ever been around and one of the toughest. The former Florida head coach recalls the 2010 first-round pick won the first National Championship as part of a rotation and when they won the second one, he also won the Heisman Trophy. Furthermore, Meyer believes they should’ve won three national titles.

Later in the conversation, Salmon asked the Jaguars head coach if he thought he would cross paths with Tebow in the NFL. Meyer says that he didn’t, “I know he had his NFL experience. Then, he went on to professional baseball, and then, we made a decision”. The former Ohio State head coach also says that having a 53-man roster is new to him but for the time being, the Florida product is one of 90 players making the team, “this is their livelihood, this is a job, this is a way to make a living”.

"A good percentage of your roster is going to get cut or transitioned out of here, which to me, that’s completely new. In college, you got your 85/95 guys, and, and you fill them in and you put the puzzle together."

Urban Meyer’s comments about Tim Tebow aren’t surprising.

Meyer and Tebow have remained close even after their stint in college. In fact, the only reason the former quarterback had a shot at resuming his NFL career is because of his relationship with the Jaguars head coach. Meyer recalls what the tight end did at Florida and probably thinks that he could do something similar in Jacksonville.

The clock is ticking for Tebow but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any more gas left in the tank. Although switching positions is a daunting task, he’s put his head down and has been working non-stop. Also, he’s in great physical shape and doesn’t look out of place on the football field.

Even though there’s a report not everybody was on board with the addition of Tebow in the Jags building, quarterback Trevor Lawrence says is excited to have him as a teammate. Moreover, he’s been garnering support from players such as All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce and Mo Alie-Cox of the Indianapolis Colts. Yes, there’s still plenty of time between now and the regular season but the 25th overall pick in 2010’s draft could secure a spot on the team if he has a solid training camp.

Tim Tebow hasn’t been able to recreate the success he had in college but if someone can still get something out of him, it is Meyer.

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