Tim Tebow gets unexpected surprise from his girlfriend

Jacksonville Jaguars TE Tim Tebow #85 (Imagn Images photo pool)
Jacksonville Jaguars TE Tim Tebow #85 (Imagn Images photo pool) /

What is the most valuable thing you’ve ever seen at a thrift store? A few vinyl records? Maybe a book or two? You have also probably found Jacksonville Jaguars gear but what about your high school football jersey? Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters recently spotted one of her boyfriend, tight end Tim Tebow, and bought it.

The former Gator recently posted a video on social media where Nel-Peters is wearing Tebow’s high school jersey. To be clear it wasn’t his but a replica of the one he wore when he played at  Nease High School in Ponte Verde, Florida. Keep in mind that the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner was homeschooled but state laws allowed him to participate in high school sports. In his senior year, he helped the Panthers football team earn a state title and was named Florida Player of the Year.

After giving Minor League Baseball a try, Tebow is currently giving the NFL another shot. A first-round selection in 2010’s draft, the Florida product couldn’t recreate the success he enjoyed at the collegiate level and lasted only three years in the pros. At the time, he was told he should switch to tight end. In response, he said it wasn’t in his heart. He’s now changed his mind is trying to make the Jaguars roster. Although Tebow has a tough rough ahead, he’s been putting his head down and has worked hard. In fact, he’s got the support from teammates and other players around the league, including All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce.

Here’s the clip of the exchange between Tebow and Nel-Peters in case you want to take a look at it and if it doesn’t play, you can click on this link:

There’s a reason Tim Tebow gets the spotlight.

Tebow gets the spotlight anywhere he goes even though he flopped as a quarterback in the NFL. The reason is simple, he had an outstanding college career. As soon as he became the Gators’ starting quarterback, he became a scoring machine and broke records left and right. Also, he helped his team earn two BCS National Championships and was the first college player to win the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore. His throwing motion was a flaw in the pros but it was good enough in college to put points on the scoreboard and consistently win games.

Another thing that stands out about Tebow is his winning attitude. He doesn’t let adversity get the best of him. Instead, he thrives in spite of it. Sure, he didn’t pan out as an NFL quarterback and his stint in Minor League Baseball wasn’t a particularly successful one. Should he have converted to tight end back in 2013? Probably, but thinking about what could have been isn’t productive. The fact is that he’s trying to give it a shot at the age of 33 is worth praising.

Will Tim Tebow succeed? All eyes are on him, wondering whether he will make the transition to tight end and make the Jaguars roster.

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