Jaguars decision to sign Tim Tebow not being well-received

Former quarterback Tim Tebow of the Florida Gators (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)
Former quarterback Tim Tebow of the Florida Gators (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Jacksonville Jaguars are expected to sign former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, but their decision to bring in the Florida product isn’t being well-received. Should the team’s brass have thought this one more thoroughly?

Keep in mind that Tebow got this opportunity because of his relationship with head coach Urban Meyer. There’s no way other teams would have given him a chance after flopping in the NFL and refusing to change positions when he was asked. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at what the 2010 first-round selection brings to the table.

Tim Tebow could bring his leadership skills to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tebow was known as a passionate leader back with the Gators, someone other players can rally behind. However, he can’t play football and veterans could quickly wonder why they should listen to someone who’s only there because of his personal connections. Also, what works in college doesn’t necessarily work in the pros.

There’s no doubt Tebow had a great presence at Florida but he quickly flamed out in the NFL and his leadership skills didn’t help him much. As soon as he showed he couldn’t play in the pros and wasn’t willing to adapt he was out. Meyer could’ve brought Tebow as a speaker or let him work his way on the organization. Instead, other players will be wondering why he got a chance when he didn’t earn it the way others do.

Life isn’t fair and some will get opportunities because they know the right people. Nevertheless, players aren’t stupid and know Tebow got the job because of his relationship with Meyer, not because of what he can do on the field, and might not be willing to listen to someone who isn’t there on his own merit. Current and former NFL players are expressing their displeasure about the Tebow signing, don’t you think Jaguars players are taking notice?

Ok, so maybe Tebow is there because he could potentially play tight end, but the odds of him successfully making the transition are against him, so wouldn’t it make more sense for the Jaguars’ brass to bring in a free agent or give someone else a chance. It’s true that their tight end room needs help but the former Gator isn’t the solution.

Someone in the Jacksonville Jaguars needs to talk to Urban Meyer.

Jeff Darlington of ESPN recently appeared on Get Up and said that not everybody in the organization is ecstatic about signing Tebow. If the former quarterback is there, it’s because of Meyer, and at this point, someone needs to tell the head coach it may not be a great idea. Sure, Tebow will bring attention to the Jaguars but is it worth it? Putting aside how polarizing he is, he’s taking the spotlight away from rookie Trevor Lawrence and other players.

Meyer wanted to hire former Iowa strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle but he came with a history of alleged abuse to players. The head coach thought he would be making a positive addition until he rightfully received backlash for the decision. Only then, the team realized it may not have been a good idea after all. In the end, Doyle ended up resigning because the negatives clearly outweighed whatever positives he could’ve had in Jacksonville.

The same is happening with Tebow. It seems like Meyer wants him because of what he did in college, not because of what he can do in the NFL, and that may not be a good recipe for success in the NFL. In his short tenure as the Jaguars head coach, Meyer has had some good ideas, but signing Tebow isn’t one of them.

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