Moving on from Chris Doyle was only thing Jacksonville Jaguars could do

It’s unlikely the Jacksonville Jaguars thought their decision their decision to hire Chris Doyle as their director of sports performance was going to get as much criticism as it did. However, they quickly realized it was a poor choice and just one day later, he’s no longer with the organization.

Doyle turned in his resignation just one day after his hire was announced by the Jaguars. Head coach Urban Meyer released a statement in which he says the team ‘should have given greater consideration to how his appointment may have affected all in involved’ in hindsight.

Meyer defended the decision to add the former Iowa strength coach by saying that he had vetted him and had known him for more than 20 years. He also said he didn’t think there would be any issues moving forward and wouldn’t have brought in Doyle if he had felt there would be any issues.

The hire wasn’t well-received and immediately generated backlash due to Doyle’s history of abuse, mistreatment, and discrimination against players during his tenure as the Iowa strength and conditioning coach. The Fritz Pollard Alliance, which had previously praised the Jaguars for how they conducted their head coaching search, denounced the hiring.

Moreover, former Cincinnati Bengals right tackle Willie Anderson called out the Jaguars on social media for hiring Doyle. Jaguars wide receiver Chris Conley, who is scheduled to become a free agent this offseason, expressed concerns about the hire too.

The Jacksonville Jaguars don’t deserve credit for moving on from Doye.

The Jaguars’ brass knew the Doyle hire was going to be controversial due to his history but probably didn’t care. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have hired him and would have kept him if they haven’t received as much criticism as they did.

Doyle shouldn’t have gotten the chance to work with football players after his history at Iowa and if Meyer and the ‘Jags’ had actually performed due diligence, they wouldn’t have hired him. It’s a shame Doyle’s one-day stint in Jacksonville took the spotlight away from the team’s other hires. Nevertheless, that happened because they didn’t think it through.

Meyer’s tenure as the Jaguars head coach is off to a rocky start. The team shouldn’t have hired Doyle, and they are now realizing that bad decisions have consequences.