3 former Jaguars who should be Hall of Famers before Julian Edelman

New England Patriots WR Julian Edelman #11(Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports)
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Tony Boselli, left tackle. . player. 52. . .

Former Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Tony Boselli has to get in.

This may be the most outrageous omission, as former Jaguars offensive tackle Tony Boselli should have the Hall of Fame years ago and as was a finalist to earn the honor as recently as last year. In the end, he didn’t make the cut but he should have.

Boselli was part of a golden era of dominant offensive tackles in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Do you remember Johnathan Ogden of the Baltimore Ravens or Walter Jones of the Seattle Seahawks? What about Orlando Pace, who was part of one of the greatest offenses in league history, the Greatest Show on Turf, with the Los Angeles (then St. Louis) Rams? All of them played around the same time as the Jaguars’ first draft selection ever?

You could point out that Boselli didn’t play as long as Pace, Jones, or Ogden, but you will have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t think Boselli was as dominant, if not better, than all of them during his prime. In the end, injuries cut his career short, something that has been held against him.

Nevertheless, other players, such as running backs Terrell Davis and Gale Sanders have had short careers too and they have made the Hall of Fame. Although career length and stats are important, the impact players had on the field carries weight too, and the Boselli had a big one in Jacksonville. He ended up playing just seven years in the NFL, but he shined brightly in that span.

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