The road is open for the Jacksonville Jaguars to make a playoff run in 2017

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - OCTOBER 22: Marcedes Lewis /

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in the thick of things in the league at 4-3, and the path is clear for the team to make a push for the playoffs.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have had quite the whiplash season, as the range of emotions from games have gone up and down on a weekly basis. But seven games into the season, the Jaguars are making noise and are beginning to garner national attention.

Currently in their bye week in week eight of the season, the Jaguars haven’t had a winning record this late in the year since 2010. Hopes are high, as the team entered the off week with a shutout performance over the Indianapolis Colts.

When Jacksonville returns to action, the remaining slate of games on the schedule is set up for the Jaguars to make a serious run for a playoff berth.

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Posted by ESPN’s Mike Clay, the Jaguars have the easiest schedule in the league the rest of the way in 2017. Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, and wins are never given, but the Jaguars couldn’t ask for a better setup to the second half of the season.

A rundown of the path left for Jacksonville:

  • Five of the last nine games are at home, including three in a row in December. Home field advantage has appeared to not be as much of a benefit so far for the Jaguars, who have inexplicably played better on the road. Jacksonville is 0-2 in true home games this season. A 4-3 team who hasn’t won a game at home would seem like a contradiction, but the Jaguars continue to defy the odds. Despite the lack of a win in front of the home crowd however, any team would gladly take the majority of remaining games played in the friendly confines of their home stadium.
  • Jaguars have three games left against division opponents. Jacksonville is currently 2-1 in the AFC South, but will need to avenge the worst performance of the season thus far against the Titans, in a week 17 rematch that could very well be the division championship.
  • Another year, another game against Philip Rivers. Rivers has been a nightmare for Jacksonville, boasting a 6-1 record against the good guys. The Jaguars must exorcise their demons, and take down Rivers and the Chargers at home in week ten.
  • Both of the current winless teams in the league are on the schedule- the Browns and 49ers. The games are on the road, but Jacksonville will be favored in each one, and have no excuses to not win both games.
  • Even the toughest game left isn’t as daunting as it previously appeared. The Seattle Seahawks are still deep in the playoff picture in the NFC, but the team hasn’t looked quite as dominant as season’s past. This game at home is much more winnable for the Jaguars than it appeared on paper before the season.

My take:

This Jaguars team is clearly the best team Jacksonville has fielded this decade. I have to see the Jaguars win two games in a row before I fully buy-in, but with the talent on the field and the schedule remaining, Jacksonville is poised for a run at playing in January.