Jacksonville Has Several Options In Replacing Marcedes Lewis


Jacksonville Jaguar tight end Marcedes Lewis is on the injured reserve list.  The Jaguars have several options to replace Lewis.

The Jacksonville Jaguars moved Marcedes Lewis to the injured reserve list today.  There are a couple of ways to replace him on the offense.  The options are many but how effective they are depends upon the type of offense that Jacksonville decides to incorporate.

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Currently the Jaguars start the game with two tight ends and two wide receivers.  Lewis lined up on the line of scrimmage and Julius Thomas set up in the slot.  Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson are the wide receivers.

Now, there are several options that Jacksonville could employ.

First, the Jaguars can replace Lewis with Ben Koyack.  This would keep continuity within the offense and simplify things.  Koyack would be a younger version of Lewis.

Second, the Jaguars could put Marqise Lee in as a three receiver formation.  Thomas would move to Lewis’ place on the line.  The three wide receivers would put additional stress on opposing secondaries.  Lee would really create mismatch problems if he lined up as the second inside receiver consistently.

Next, the Jaguars could move Chris Ivory to fullback and add T.J. Yeldon as the halfback in a two back offense.  Yeldon needs a lead blocker to be an effective runner.  Ivory is a straight ahead type of rusher.  The two together would vastly improve the Jacksonville rushing attack.  Most of all, the lead dive play, the counter, and the sweep are back into the Jaguar playbook.

Another option for Jacksonville is letting Denard Robinson play situational quarterback with Ivory and Yeldon as running backs.  Maybe use that on the goal line like the wishbone or veer option play?  At 2-8, Jacksonville should be open to trying anything that might bring a spark to the team.

Expect Jacksonville to utilize the first option with Ben Koyak

In Buffalo, expect the Jaguars to fill Lewis’ spot with Koyack.  This option keeps the possibility of Koyack playing the H-back instead of Thomas.  Koyack is averaging 9.5 yards/reception this season.  The three receiver set with Koyack may possibly be the best option going forward.