Denard Robinson: Expect big things when filling in for T.J. Yeldon


Denard Robinson will be getting his first start of the season as he fills in the for the injured T.J. Yeldon against the Atlanta Falcons.

The Atlanta Falcons are in the midst of a six-game skid and while that is promising for the Jacksonville Jaguars, what has to be the most exciting thing will be seeing Denard Robinson back as the primary ball carrier.

T.J. Yeldon deserves all of the praise heaped on him and he has done an exemplary job as the workhorse back for the Jags in his rookie season. But with his injury to his knee, we will all finally get to see what could have been with Robinson acting as the primary running back.

This is key for many of us fans as the former starter was set to be the premiere back until Yeldon was drafted in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft. Some people thought the Jags needed a new running back (and clearly the front office thought that as well) and others thought Robinson would do fine. Even after Yeldon was selected, it was widely speculated that Robinson and Yeldon would split time.

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2015 has turned into the T.J. Yeldon show instead of the Yeldon & Robinson show, and that has been good for the Jaguars.

Still, it will be nice to see what Robinson can do.

Based on his past performances and his large game after stepping in for Yeldon against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 14, expect Denard Robinson to do big things with his opportunity to fill in. With Yeldon set to return in Week 16, this may be Robinson’s best chance to prove he is worth keeping around and seeing more carries.

With a chip on his shoulder and a whole lot to prove, Robinson should come into this game hot. Taking on a middling rushing defense (16th in the NFL) should not be a problem for a player who has averaged at least four yards per carry in 14 games.

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With another year of experience under his belt, Robinson feels like he has grown as a player and a running back. He should be able to come in and make something happen for the Jaguars as they work on pushing for that first .500 finish in half a decade.