Jacksonville Jaguars lose to Houston Texans, implode 20-31


The Jacksonville Jaguars had a major missed opportunity at the end of the first half when Blake Bortles tossed an interception on the one yard line.

The Jaguars went on to lead in the third quarter following a 29-yard touchdown pass to Julius Thomas, but it wasn’t enough. Those points left on the board with just seconds left in the first half are another example of mistakes that keep the Jaguars from staying in games and, ultimately, winning them.

By the time the Houston Texans regained the lead with the first of two touchdown passes to DeAndre Hopkins in the fourth quarter, it looked like life may have fially escaped the Jaguars.

Blake Bortles finished the day 30 of 53 for 331 yards, three touchdowns, and three interceptions. He lost the quarterback battle, trying to force throws to Thomas and seemingly ignoring 2015 play maker Allen Hurns, even when wide open.

Bortles completed capped off a terrible day with a pick-six in the fourth quarter, giving the Texans points and rewarding Andre Hal with another interception after stealing the other before the end of the first half. He followed it up with another pick to end the game with one minute left.

Opposite the Jacksonville Jaguars, Brian Hoyer had a huge day for the Houston Texans. He finished the day 24 of 36 for 293  yards, three touchdowns. Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins was doing everything to catch any ball thrown near him and helped bail Hoyer out even with some less than ideal throws. Hopkins, more than anybody else really stole the show. He finished the day with 10 catches for 148 yards and two touchdowns.

It was another day of poor coaching and an utterly miserable late-game collapse by the Jacksonville Jaguars. There’s a lot of questioning Gus Bradley from the fan base and as the Jaguars fall to 1-5 and 0-2 in the division you have to wonder if he’ll still be in Jacksonville next season.

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