Jacksonville Jaguars: Time to fire Gus Bradley?


The Jacksonville Jaguars were a mess when head coach Gus Bradley came to town.

Two years later and six games into the season, the Jacksonville Jaguars are still a mess.

Is it already time to move on from the energetic, bubbly head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars?

After another implosion by the Jaguars in the second half of a football game, a lot of people are pointing to the coach as the cause of the problems for the team. The latest implosion against the Houston Texans in the fourth quarter came during another particularly flat performance in the second half.

The wheels fall off in the second half, but the first half is often not inspiring, either. The Jaguars have struggled to score points at any time. The Jaguars have struggled to limit points at any time.

What the Jaguars have not struggled with is drawing penalties. Week 6’s game was rife with plenty of them, including a basic offsides on an onside kick late in the game, an unnecessary roughness penalty against safety Johnathan Cyprien as he appeared to try and take off Brian Hoyer’s head, and other simple mistakes. The discipline seemingly isn’t there. That’s all on the head coach.

The failure to make adjustments, either when in a competitive game or a blowout also falls on the head coach. No team has looked more flat on a consistent basis coming into the second half than the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. Gus Bradley needs to step up and not be afraid to make changes from his game plan to find success.

Before the Week 6 loss to the Houston Texans, I thought that it may be fine to see the Jaguars finish out the season with Bradley at the helm and make some changes at defensive coordinator moving forward. But it’s becoming more and more clear that the problem stems from the top and not in the ranks.

What do you think? Is it time to fire Gus Bradley?

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