Jacksonville Jaguars: Give Gus Bradley until the end of year to turn it around


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yet another tough loss on Sunday

, this time to the hapless Houston Texans, fans are clamoring for the

firing of Jacksonville Jaguars head coach

Gus Bradley. It makes a lot of sense – three years into his tenure, which boasts a disturbing 8-30 overall record, Bradley has this team making the same mistakes week after week and giving away winnable games against eminently beatable opponents. With such a big sample size to judge him on now, it’s not reactionary to say Bradley just isn’t a good coach and shouldn’t be leading this team anymore.

Hold your horses.

Firing a coach midseason is essentially pointless. Historically, interim coaches haven’t done much to improve a team’s record and in cases like the Jaguars, the team is bad enough and in such a big hole that the chances of ripping off a big win streak is highly unlikely.

It’s hard to find reasons to be optimistic about Bradley turning things around, but the key factor in keeping Bradley at the helm through the end of the year is that he still has the players behind him.

The Dolphins firing Joe Philbin made a ton of sense because he had lost the locker room (and he should’ve been fire the year before). The players are clearly frustrated and tensions are building, but they are still unified and are buying into what Bradley is selling.

Personally, I don’t think Bradley will get it turned around sometime this season, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be given the chance. While it’s tempting to kick Bradley to the curb and see what a guy like Doug Marrone can do with this team, the Jaguars should ride out the Bradley era for at least 10 more games and then reevaluate the coaching staff at the end of the year.

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