Jacksonville Jaguars Fall to Houston Texans: Quick Notes


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The Jacksonville Jaguars lost yet another winnable game on Sunday as they fell 31-20 to the Houston Texans. Despite coming into the game with plenty of questions about his ability to keep the starting job, Texans’ quarterback

Brian Hoyer

had an easy go of it and looked like a functional and effective quarterback against a Jacksonville defense that continues to make opposing signal callers look terrific. The Jaguars appeared to unravel in the 4th quarter, giving up 21 straight points to the Texans including another gifted pick-6 courtesy of

Blake Bortles


Here are some other quick notes from today’s loss:

  • For the third straight week, the Jaguars lost to what was allegedly an inferior opponent. The Houston Texans came into this game in complete disarray with a circus show at the quarterback position, but Brian Hoyer marched into Everbank Field and looked like a Pro Bowl quarterback. This team is finding more ways to lose every week and it’s impossible to focus on what this team is doing well when they just can’t pull it out in winnable games.
  • Blake Bortles looked “ok” in this game but he continues to make the occasional headscratching decision. The interception at the end of the first half was one of his worst throws of the season and cost the Jaguars at least 3 points. His touchdown passes were great throws and he’s doing a good job buying time with his feet, but the Jaguars are just putting too much on his plate. The running game was non-existent today without T.J. Yeldon and run blocking continues to be poor across the board.
  • Man, this defense… where to begin. The Jaguars don’t have any semblance of a pass rush and that’s showing up every week as terrible quarterbacks continue to have career days against this Jacksonville defense. This week, Brian Hoyer put together essentially a perfect performance as he had all day to throw to DeAndre Hopkins. Davon House did a decent job for most of the day against Hopkins but he got absolutely torched on some crucial plays in the 4th quarter.
  • It probably won’t happen this week, but Gus Bradley is almost certainly going to lose his job based off his entire resume, but particularly the Jaguars last 3 losses. The offense appears to be improving at an encouraging rate, but the defense – Gus Bradley’s area of expertise – is regressing and has no playmakers whatsoever. It’s a tough situation because the players still seem to respond to Gus, but the Jaguars are making too many silly mistakes and are ill-prepared to stop less-than-stellar offenses week after week.

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