What’s Next? Jacksonville Jaguars must beat Texans


The Jacksonville Jaguars sit at 1-4, sharing the bottom of the AFC South with the Houston Texans.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the AFC South seemed within reach for the Jaguars, but after a string of division victories, the Indianapolis Colts have taken a commanding lead of the division and sit at 3-2. No other team has more than one win.

It’s that depressing fact that makes the division games all the more valuable.

In only Week 6, the Jacksonville Jaguars are already facing a “must win” situation. Head coach Gus Bradley is frustrated with the way his team has played and it is clear that something must change.

The lowly Houston Texans may be just what the Jaguars need.

If there is any team in the AFC South in more disarray than the Jacksonville Jaguars, it’s the Houston Texans. With the talent to be a contender, the Texans seemed just a quarterback away from making a playoff push again. Instead, we see even their vaunted defense struggling to stop the opposition.

The strengths – running the ball on offense and dominating on defense – have suddenly dissipated and the Texans are struggling to right the ship.

This is a prime opportunity for the Jaguars to get back on track. The Texans are not a good team. They are far from it. This is an opportunity to get another win for the young Jags and it’s an opportunity to rise in the division. Right now, the Jags are 0-1. The Colts are 3-0. A win over the Texans would go a long way toward catching up.

The game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could have been a win and brought the Jacksonville Jaguars closer to catching up overall, but it didn’t. The game against the Colts should have been won but the Jaguars didn’t after missing two field goals. The game against the Texans is a must win because of those missed opportunities.

The Jacksonville Jaguars can’t mess this up.

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