Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans: Keep Your Enemies Close – 5 Questions with Toro Times

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Oct 8, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback

Brian Hoyer

(7) reacts before a play during the second quarter against the Indianapolis Colts at NRG Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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Right now, it’s hard to argue against the Jacksonville Jaguars being one of the worst teams in the entire NFL. A team fighting them mightily for the distinction of worst is their fellow division foe in the Houston Texans.

As embarrassing as it was for the Jaguars to lose to a 40-year old Matt Hasselbeck in Indianapolis, the Texans managed to do the same in their home stadium by a wider margin. It’s fair to say this is one of the less juicy matchups of the weekend.

But who cares! Jaguars and Texans fans still see this as a big divisional matchup and both teams still have some hope as we delve into week 6.

We wanted to get some intel on our opponent so we reached out to Randy Gurzi over at Toro Times. Here’s what he had to say:

1. Brian Hoyer is the starting quarterback for now… who do you think should be starting and why?

"If you asked me this a few weeks ago I would have said Ryan Mallett, mostly because we knew what Hoyer was and Mallett at least had potential. Then came several weeks of watching Mallett throw so hard on every single pass it was like he was trying to chuck a tennis ball through a brick wall. Hoyer may make huge mistakes at times, but at least the offense moves with him. Mallett led too many stalled drives and saw too many passes hit the ground a few yards in front of the receiver. Even when catches were made, players were dropping to the ground to catch the falling rocket. Hoyer gives them the best chance, only because he is the lesser of the two evils. Neither option is great honestly."

My take:

That’s about the answer I expected. Neither of those guys really gets you excited and for good reason – they have been 2 of the worst quarterbacks in the league so far. I agree with Randy that the better option of the two is Hoyer just for the sheer fact that he occasionally strings together a scoring drive or two.

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