Prowling The Web: Jacksonville Jaguars suffer another close loss


The Jacksonville Jaguars had another close loss, falling to 1-4 on the season. Check out the latest stories here.

O-Zone Late Night: Not good enough – Jacksonville Jaguars team site

"On Sunday, that wasn’t remotely the same. It’s tempting to attribute it all to the absence of Paul Poluszny, and without question he is very good against the run. But one player shouldn’t make that kind of difference. Let’s chalk up the run defense to a bad day without a good player. They happen. The Jaguars need to hope that’s the case. Considering the trouble they have getting pressure with four down linemen they can’t afford another area of concern on the defense."

Blake Bortles and Jacksonville Jaguars offense excels in loss – B&T

"Just as encouraging as Bortles was the performance of Bortles’ fellow second year players – receivers Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson. The Allens combined for 3 touchdowns and almost 200 yards receiving and probably should have had more production. Bortles and Robinson just missed connecting on a couple of deep throws and those are plays that will hopefully come to fruition with time."

Blake Bortles up, Corey Grant down in Jaguars’ loss – ESPN

"The undrafted rookie from Auburn lost a fumble that the Bucs recovered for a touchdown. The Jaguars were leading 24-13 late in the third quarter and Grant, the team’s kick returner, was on the field to give T.J. Yeldon a break."

Top NFL team who should puruse Sean Payton – NFL Mocks

"Gus Bradley has approached the rebuilding of the Jacksonville Jaguars the right way.  It’s not that he’s a bad coach, but the reality is based on the usual timetable his team should be winning more by this point.  It isn’t.  If they finish out of the playoff picture again, he could be dismissed in favor of a more proven coach.  Payton would make a ton of sense and be the ideal choice to continue the development of Blake Bortles."

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