Allen Hurns continues to reward fantasy football owners


Allen Hurns did it against on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, getting past 100 yards for the second straight week with the Jaguars losing by seven points.

The offense did its part in the loss, putting up 31 points in a 31-38 game. Hurns was a big part of that, proving to be a go-to target even with both wide receiver Allen Robinson and tight end Julius Thomas on the field.

Hurns finished the day second in targets with six, hauling in five of those for 116 yards and a touchdown, including a monster 59-yard catch and run on fourth down with the Jaguars scrambling for points.

Both Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson have a shot at putting up 1000 yards for the Jacksonville Jaguars this season, but in fantasy football it’s more important to see what a wide receiver can do for you each week. Hurns is proving to be a valuable starter at the position, able to put up both big yardage totals and score each week.

So far this season, Hurns is averaging 86 yards per game and has three touchdowns over five contests. That’s consistent value at the position and makes him a must-start, especially if your other wide receivers are struggling to stand out on their teams or have a quarterback who spreads the ball around.

Averaging 10.4 points in standard scoring and 15.9 in PPR (both marks in the top-20) through Week 4, we’re seeing a reliable wide receiver emerge from the pack. He’s doing it all with Robinson succeeding as well, suggesting that the success can continue as the Jags passing attack really matures. Another 100 yard game with a score just adds to his value as a consistent starter in fantasy football.

While Allen Robinson was the bigger name entering the 2015 season and deservedly commanded attention in fantasy football (and he is also a top-20 wide receiver this year), Hurns deserves to be highlighted for how he has rewarded those fantasy football owners looking for a bargain. So far, there are few better bargains at the position.

Hurns was the second-most added wide receiver heading into Week 5 (+37.2) and should continue to see that number rise as he rewards fantasy football owners week in and week out.

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