What’s Next? Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns on pace for 1000 yards


Allen Robinson is currently 12th in the NFL with 330 receiving yards. Allen Hurns is close behind him at 15th with 314 receiving yards.

Averaging 82 and 78 yards per game, respectively, both Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns are on pace to cross 1000 yards for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2015.

If they both manage to do it, it will be the first time even one receiver has had over 1000 yards since Jimmy Smith back in 2005. Smith’s 2005 season was his last in the NFL and his ninth 1000 yard season of his final 10 seasons (he had 805 in 12 games in 2003).

If Robinson and Hurns can stay healthy through all of 2015, then they may well join him.

Currently, Robinson is on pace for around 1300 yards and Hurns is on pace for around 1240. Even with the return of tight end Julius Thomas, both Robinson and Hurns should continue to see massive production from a passing offense that is far superior to what it used to be.

Blake Bortles has taken a step forward at quarterback and Robinson and Hurns are the primary beneficiaries. Both wide receivers are productive in their receptions. Robinson is averaging the third highest yards per reception in the league at 22 per catch. Hurns is a bit further behind at 14.3 (34th in the NFL).

If they can keep it up, and I believe they can, the Jaguars will finally have not just one worthy successor to Smith, but two.

A lot of players have tried to be the next highly productive receiver for the Jaguars, but they have all fallen short. Players like Matt Jones (high of 761 yards in 2008), Mike Sims-Walker (high of 869 yards in 2009), and Cecil Shorts III (high of 979 yards in 2012) have all tried their best to break that 1000 yard barrier. Justin Blackmon, as we all know, was a major disappointment but likely had the talent to do it.

Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns both have the talent to do it and are both committed to the game in a way that Blackmon simply wasn’t.

One quarter into the season and I’m excited to see if these guys can get it done for the Jaguars going forward. So far, everything is looking just right.

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