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Jacksonville Jaguars offense still lacks finishing traits – Bleacher Report

"The Jacksonville Jaguars have scored 45 points in the first half of this season, a reasonable 11.25 points a game. The second half is a completely different story, with the Jaguars scoring 17 points total, an average of 4.25 points a game.To make matters worse, 14 of those points were scored against theNew England Patriots after the game was already out of hand. The Jaguars went scoreless in the second half on Sunday against theIndianapolis Colts, which they also did against the Carolina Panthersin Week 1.So, besides the 14 points against the Patriots, the Jaguars have scored three points in the second half, coming against the Miami Dolphins via kicker Jason Myers’ game-winning field goal with less than a minute remaining."

Is the Gus Bus coming to its final stop? – Big Cat Country

"Never, not once, have I felt the need to blame our coaching staff. I haven’t put the blame of a loss on head coach Gus Bradley. I’ve always made excuses to defend Bradley, because for three years now, I’ve been convinced he was the answer. I thought a “players’ coach” is exactly what we needed for our young, developing team. A coach who young football players can lean on when the going gets tough and know that he will always defend them, and never discipline them."

Vinatieri’s field goals help Colts past Jaguars – Sports Illustrated

"”We kind of hugged it out for a second,” Vinatieri said. ”He (Hasselbeck) does a great job. Watching him have the opportunity to go out there – hate saying `at his age’ because he’s younger than I am – but I know he wanted that.”Not bad for a couple of guys who some thought were already on borrowed time."

3 female journalists stopped from entering Jacksonville Jaguars locker room – AP

"A male usher stopped three female journalists from entering the Jaguars locker room after their loss to the Colts because they were women, asking other men if it was OK before finally allowing them inside.Graham Watson of Yahoo Sports and Joey Chandler of the Tuscaloosa News both said on Twitter on Sunday night that they were not allowed inside the locker room after Indianapolis’ 16-13 overtime win until the usher first checked to make sure the women were allowed to enter. The women were at the game as part of the Associated Press Sports Editors sports media diversity weekend."

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