Jacksonville Jaguars give up most points in team history, lose to Patriots


The first Jacksonville Jaguars drive to start the first quarter set the tone against the New England Patriots.

A quick three and out on predictable plays and the Patriots found themselves with the ball in a day that saw punter Ryan Allen never have to be used.

But the Jacksonville Jaguars’ 51-17 loss to the Patriots won’t be remembered just for the lack of punting by the Patriots. It also won’t be remembered just for Tom Brady breaking the 400 touchdown passing barrier. This game will be remembered as the one the Jaguars gave up the most points in team history during.

As noted by one Jaguars writer:

While this game was likely never going to be a tight affair and it was also likely never going to be winnable for the Jaguars, it was hoped that it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as this.

The Tom Brady-led offense of the New England Patriots is a formidable machine and it continued to pound its opponents. Only in Week 3, the Jacksonville Jaguars just couldn’t keep up like the Pittsburgh Steelers or Buffalo Bills before them.

The Patriots marched down the field for a 20-3 lead at halftime, a 37-10 lead to enter the fourth quarter, and a whopping 51-17 to finish the game. It was miserable to watch the Jags defense – which has been its strength so far in the 2015 season – struggle to keep up.

While it would be nice to look at how injured the Jaguars still are and blame it on that, we also need to recognize that against a team like the Patriots, the Jaguars are simply outclassed at this point. Players like Paul Posluszny, Dan Skuta, and Davon House are veterans and they were exposed by the Patriots to be second-tier in comparison.

It was a painful loss in Week 3 and the immediate thoughts afterward are not positive.

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