Allen Robinson, T.J. Yeldon disappoint fantasy football owners in loss to Patriots


Allen Robinson had just four receptions for 68 yards in Week 3 while the Jacksonville Jaguars lost big to the New England Patriots.

T.J. Yeldon managed just 33 yards on 11 carries in the game as well.

For the two hottest fantasy football players on the Jacksonville Jaguars roster, this is exactly what fantasy football owners didn’t want.

T.J. Yeldon and Allen Robinson are both capable of so much more. Last week they combined for over 200 yards and Robinson had two touchdowns to boot.

This week they looked almost like two members of a lost high school squad in the matchup against the defending Super Bowl champions.

This wasn’t from lack of opportunity. Even with double coverage forcing Blake Bortles to look elsewhere, Robinson was targeted nine times in the game (most on the team). He managed to bring in just four of them and missed a huge catch landing just out of bounds in the first half.

Yeldon was given 11 carries and didn’t break anything big all game (long of just eight yards), struggling to take pressure off Bortles and the passing game as the Patriots continued to run up points. The Jags turned to the passing offense and even with two catches, Yeldon only added nine more yards.

For Allen Robinson, it’s almost as if his fantasy football owners can expect feast or famine at this point. Will they get a player who gives them some yards and no scores or will they get a player who provides over 100 yards, a handful of catches and multiple scores? It’s a toss up through three games.

T.J. Yeldon didn’t have the big “breakout” label attached to him because he’s a rookie entering the NFL with a bad team, but he was expected to be a reliable back who can play all three downs. Instead we saw him struggle to gain yards again. A three yards per carry average and no scores is not what fantasy football owners are looking for.

While I’m still high on both Allen Robinson and T.J. Yeldon for fantasy football, they were big disappointments in Week 3. It’s tough to get around their lack of production and how it can hurt your team.

I have a funny feeling they’ll turn it around next week against the Indianapolis Colts, though.

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